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RISO means "ideal."

(And we really mean it.)

The founder of RISO, Noboru Hayama, chose the name of his company for a good reason. It's Japanese for "ideal."

RISO strives to create fundamentally unique new technologies in paper-based communication through an approach that emphasizes productivity, cost containment, and versatility. Every product we manufacture delivers these benefits in a balance that offers the ideal solution to our customers.

At the same time, RISO carries on a tradition of caring for the world at large through our environmental and community support programs. Just as we are committed to delivering the ideal products and service, we strive to be an ideal corporate citizen in every country in which we conduct business.

Still the global leader in digital-duplicating technology

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in the U.S., RISO's tradition of innovation in both technology and service continues to fuel the expansion of our product line and our base of loyal customers.

Since RISO was founded in Tokyo in 1954, our company has thrived on creativity. RISO has repeatedly developed the world's best solutions to a variety of specialized sectors in document printing and duplicating. We are still the world leader in digital duplicating technology, and we are rapidly building our market share in digital laser and inkjet printing solutions for business. RISO products are now sold in over 150 countries.

Our American headquarters is in Danvers, Massachusetts. And you'll find our solutions in the most demanding business environments from coast to coast.

Principles for Progress

We are committed to act in accordance with and take ownership for the following set of operating principles. We do this in the belief that to do so is in the best interests of our customers, our company, and ourselves.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our success as a company. We will each be ambassadors of RISO and will always communicate positively within and outside the workplace. We will take ownership for customer issues and will ensure that they are followed to satisfactory resolution.


We will do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. We will take ownership for supporting and following through on company objectives and will accept accountability for our actions without casting blame.


We will act with honesty and with the highest degree of integrity with our customers and with each other. Our decisions and actions will always reflect ethical practices and will be in the best interests of the company and our customers.


We will act with a sense of urgency. We will respond to our customers' and our colleagues' needs promptly and honor our commitments. Our style will always be to listen carefully as we determine a best course of action.

Embracing Change

We will readily embrace change and will proactively and continuously identify opportunities for improvement. The marketplace is the driving force behind company strategies and objectives.

Value through Sales

Our success is achieved through the sale of our products. All of our collective actions and practices are intended to bring value to our customers through the appropriate matching of our products and services with the customer's needs for improved productivity, versatility, and cost control.


Konica Minolta's business spans a wide range of imaging fields from input to output. Today the world of imaging is expanding like never before, brimming with new potential made possible by exciting new digital and networking technologies.

Konica Minolta is playing a key role in these developments. Based on our four core technologies (proprietary materials, optical, nano-fabrication and imaging), we are developing a diverse range of cutting-edge products that cover the three main categories in the field of imaging - imaging input, imaging output, and imaging input/output solutions. We're achieving original and innovative imaging solutions by combining of a wide-range of technological elements including electricity, electronics, optics, chemistry, high precision processing, and software.


Brand Slogan

Ideas for Life

Brand Promise

Panasonic generates ideas for and tomorrow. Through innovative thinking, we are committed to enriching people's lives around the world.

On October 1, 2008, our Company name changed to Panasonic Corporation and our brands were consolidated under the Panasonic name.

With this change of Company name and unification of brands, we have newly defined the "Brand Promise", the promise which the Panasonic brand makes to customers. The following is our aspiration for "Brand Promise".

We believe the best ideas come from attentive observation of everyday living, careful listening to customers... and a constant commitment to making your life easier, more comfortable, more fun.

Every Panasonic product or service is created from these "Ideas for life." Ideas to put a smile on your day and brighten our children's horizon. Ideas that embrace the planet and bring people of all ages together.

As a global company, Panasonic has been in touch with different people around the world for nearly a century. This puts us in a good position to translate "Ideas for life" into the values and lifestyles our customers aspire to.

Today you will find our name on products and services that connect with every facet of daily life. This "whole life" perspective is what makes Panasonic such a trusted brand in so many languages, and every day we work to earn that trust.

That's our promise to you.