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PageScope Net Care

A simple, powerful enterprise solution that lets administrators manage an entire fleet of multifunctional printer/copier devices from a single point.

PageScope Net Care is perfect for large corporations, businesses and offices with multiple networked printer/copiers. It brings Konica Minolta bizhub devices and other NON Konica Minolta MIB-compliant devices together in a single management environment.

All your devices are listed on one screen, with each device identified by its own icon. Through a simple GUI accessed via standard web browsers, you can quickly check the status of each device – and easily configure one or more devices without visiting each machine and manually adjusting its configuration settings.

  • Network administrators will save time and effort by working within a familiar desktop PC environment.
  • Automatically locates all Konica Minolta bizhub devices and connects to the PageScope Web Connection software available in each device.
  • Automatically locates all NON-Konica Minolta devices and detects attributes including but not limited to machine status and total meter count.
  • Combines both Konica Minolta bizhub devices and NON Konica Minolta devices from other manufacturers in a single interface for simple management.
  • Lets you assign IP addresses to new devices, share device settings throughout your network, and reconfigure multiple-device workgroups in one simple step.
  • Can automatically email Administrators and others total meter reads for each networked devise on a scheduled basis.
  • Can provide Email notifications whenever an error occurs – and can also keep track of device usage and display device logs in graph form.
  • Let's Administrators create a “Template” of network settings to be applied to one or multiple bizhub's on the network. As new machines are added the network settings can be pushed out.
  • Automatically track Copy/Fax/Print/Scan activity based on individual user for colour vs. B&W.

Web-Based Management: PageScope Net Care lets you manage multiple devices from a single point -- using a simple, easy-to-learn interface that is accessed through your standard web browser.

MIB-Compliant Device Support: Your network may combine both Konica Minolta bizhub devices and MIB-compliant devices from other manufacturers. With PageScope Net Care, you can manage them all in a single system.

Automatic Discovery: PageScope Net Care automatically finds all printer/copiers with an IP segment -- and also connects to the PageScope Web Connection software in each Konica Minolta bizhub device. You can update your device list automatically at intervals you specify, so your information is always current.

Check Status: PageScope Net Care lets you display the current status of every connected MIB-compliant device on your network -- including installed options and job status. To check the status of a device, just point and click on its icon.

Change Configuration: You can easily assign IP addresses to new devices, apply the settings of one device to other similar devices throughout your network, and reconfigure multiple-device workgroups in one simple step.

Receive Email Notifications: You can receive Email notifications whenever an error occurs -- with detailed information on the nature of the error. You'll know immediately when a device is missing or offline, when a paper jam has occurred, when paper or toner needs replacing, when output trays are full or near full, even when scheduled maintenance is overdue.

Record-Keeping Functions: PageScope Net Care can keep track of device usage throughout your network, including total print count, error history, and paper jams. You can view logs in graph form, measure color vs. B&W output, track total meter reads -- and preserve records for up to a year.

Real-Time Viewing: With the status of every device at your fingertips, you'll be continually up-to-date on any problems that may occur in your local or wide area network.

One On-Screen List: All Konica Minolta bizhub and MIB-compliant devices are displayed on a single screen -- each device identified by its own icon and IP address. It's easier to find the information you need.

Reduced Downtime: With automatic Email notification when there's a problem, you can respond more quickly -- and downtime will be minimized. Every printer/copier in your network will be kept up and running, to maximize productivity and reduce frustration.

Remote Operation: You can use PageScope Net Care as a "remote operating panel" for Konica Minolta bizhub devices -- to set scan, print or copy settings direct from your desktop PC.

Easier Device Setup: You can preserve network settings as a template -- then apply these settings quickly and easily when you add new devices to your network.

Simpler Record-Keeping: With total meter reads, error history, and paper jam information for each connected device available through a single software application, you'll be able to manage your record-keeping tasks more easily.

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