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Grow Your Local Business With Digital Signage from DSD

September 21, 2018 3:32 PM PST

Grow Your Local Business With Digital Signage from DSD

Whether you own a new or established small business, chances are the competitive chain or big-box retail landscape keeps you up at night. You’re confident in your product or service, but how can you make it stand out without a marketing budget in the thousands or even millions of dollars? The world of print, TV and digital marketing is a noisy one and it can get costly. But even if you invest in one of these mediums, how can you ensure your message is being heard?

For a small business, one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage with customers is while they’re in your shop. This is a time when you know you have their undivided attention and you can use it to build your brand and create customer loyalty. One of the tools that can help you achieve this is digital signage. Here’s how Toshiba Display Solutions can help grow your small business without breaking the bank.

Increase Sales

Your ultimate goal as a business is to generate revenue and digital signage can help with that. You can use your customized LED display to showcase what’s new, what’s on sale, and daily or seasonal promotions. Toshiba’s displays can be automated, meaning you can schedule content changes for the day, week or month. Automatic updates can be set as often as you like so content can be updated throughout the day depending on what you think will perform better at different times, or to increase business during slow periods. The more you do it the better you will get at targeting the message to your customers.

A restaurant can use digital signage to prominently display lunch and dinner specials; a florist can promote special Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day bouquets; and a car shop can share deals on detailing or oil change packages. All this is enhanced by stunning HD visuals that really entice the eye of your customer.

Establish a Brand  

A business often starts with a passion for something like animals, fitness, food, cars, etc. Your customers likely share the same passion. You can harness that to cultivate a unique brand identity and culture, and to create a bond with your customers that will keep them coming back. Digital signage can help you tell that brand story, communicate your vision and give your business a personality.

Consider the example of a pet store. In addition to selling food, toys and hygiene products, a pet store can host training, safety and health info sessions for pet owners. Or they can partner with local animal shelters and event organizers to endorse and sponsor various causes. These small extras can go a long way when differentiating your brand and influencing potential customers. An LED display is a highly effective way to bring attention to such initiatives, build brand affinity and connect with your customers by creating good will.

Enhance Customer Experience

Toshiba Display Solutions can be fully customized to include any design or content that best suits your business needs. In some cases, an assortment of non-branded value-add content can make the customer experience much more positive and help ensure repeat business. This can include weather info, news feeds, entertainment videos, trivia, fun facts and more.

A clothing store may choose to include expert fashion tips into their digital signage. This can include seasonal fashion trends, tips on how to dress for your body type or how to take your outfit from the office to a night out. Businesses where clients may have to sit or wait at length—such as beauty salons or health clinics—can include entertainment content to keep customers occupied and engaged.

Building a strong, holistic customer experience is crucial to attracting new customers and inspiring loyalty. Toshiba’s digital signage from DSD is a versatile, cost-effective tool that will help you achieve your business goals through gorgeous and engaging display marketing.

Whether you’re the owner of a single retail shop or a small chain of restaurants, digital signage is a great way to improve branding and boost customer engagement. What is digital signage? It’s a term used to describe LED digital display technology whereby brand messaging is presented on a TV-like screen. It can include anything from text, static images, dynamic content and videos. You’ve probably seen this type of marketing in corporate restaurant chains, popular coffee shops or fast food places. But digital signage is not just for big business anymore!

Toshiba Display Solutions is a scalable, fully customizable and affordable digital signage option for small businesses. The Toshiba Display Application gives you the power to design the look and feel of your content, with complete and centralized control of your displays. But you don’t have to be a graphic designer or IT expert to get started. We provide you with full support from start to finish including design customization and professional on-site installation. Once you’re all ready to go, you can update your content as regularly as you need using the Toshiba Display Application. And it’s cloud-based meaning you can update the content on your displays from anywhere using a web browser.

Why choose digital signage for your small business? If you spend a lot of time and money designing printed materials this is a great way to improve efficiencies and save on costs. Updating your digital display content with advertisements, promotions, videos or any information is quick and easy, and you can do it as often as you like. It can also be applied in any type of business setting whether it is a doctor’s office, florist, yoga studio or hair salon.

Most importantly, digital signage is a highly effective communication tool. With targeted messaging it’s a great way to inform, educate and engage your customers. To find out more about Toshiba Display Solutions from DSD visit, and if you’re ready to go digital give us a call at 604-278-6060 or email