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DSD is proud to support our local charity partner The KidSafe Project.

March 2, 2013 6:23 PM PST

DSD and The KidSafe Project Society

School is the centre of the universe for many children. It’s where they learn, develop friendships, discover role-models, play in a relaxed environment and find help if crisis arises. For many inner-city children, school is also the safest place in their lives and the place they rely on to provide their daily meals. But what happens when schools close for break?

While breaks are traditionally times for fun and enjoyment, vulnerable inner-city Vancouver children have very different experiences. Breaks can be scary times when children are left wondering where they will go, what they will do and if they will have enough to eat. With 1 in 7 BC children living in poverty, out-of-school care is often a financial impossibility for inner-city families, leaving families with no other choice but to leave their children at home to self-care during breaks.

Your donation will help KidSafe serve 450 children this year, through the provision of 121,800 hours of developmental break-time support and programming and 34,800 nutritious meals.

Since 1993, The KidSafe Project Society has provided nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children, when schools are traditionally closed. In partnership with the Vancouver School Board, KidSafe keeps school doors open to referred children attending six inner-city elementary schools: Mount Pleasant, Florence Nightingale, Queen Alexandra, Grandview/¿uuqinak'uuh, Admiral Seymour and Macdonald. For every weekday of school break, KidSafe provides children with a full day’s nutrition, support and counseling from child care specialists, and recreational and educational activities and out-trips. Our programs are based on two principles: 1) Every child who attends has been referred by their principal, teacher, or Youth & Family Worker as being extremely vulnerable and most in need of safety and support during school break, and 2) Our programs are offered at absolutely no cost to children and families.

Your Company's  lease of a multi-function photocopier through DSD would provide a full day’s nutrition to at least 14 children.

Please join KidSafe in working towards our vision that all children live in a safe community with the inspiration and support they deserve to become healthy, contributing citizens.


Kind regards,                                            


Diego Iribar                                      

General Manager